victory1 copyOK I am trying to figure out who to blame for this one.  My daughter’s vehicle is in the shop so she is borrowing my wife’s vehicle.  So I had to give my wife a ride to work Saturday.  Since I was already out I decided to attend Men’s breakfast at church.  On my way home from Men’s breakfast I decided to stop by Bluff Power Sports and check out their new facility.  I’ve been wanting another motorcycle for a while now, but never have been really seriously looking.  While there something caught my eye.  It was nice and orange and the price wasn’t as bad as I thought it might be.  Well I checked it out and left.

Jokingly I texted my wife a picture of it and to my surprise she told me to go buy it.  We only live once.  Of course I told her I shouldn’t, but she insisted that I should even though she had no interest in riding on it herself.  So I headed back up there to give it a test ride.  This time I had my brother in tow.  Dave Ramsey would kick me, but after a test drive and some price discounting I left with a new 2013 Victory Judge. (Made by Polaris)

So had my daughter not borrowed our vehicle, I would have never seen this bike.  If I had just let my wife drive to work and stayed home without a vehicle, I would have never seen this.  Regardless of who’s fault it is, I can’t wait to put a few miles on it. victory copy The fewer the bugs in my teeth, the better.