Vacation May 2013


Relaxing at St. Pete Beach

We had a great Vacation in Florida.  We went to St. Pete Beach, FL, which is on the Gulf of Mexico.  Near Tampa / St. Petersburg, FL.








St Pete149

On the U.S.S. Alabama

On the way down we took the long route and stopped in Mobile, AL.   On our way out we stopped by the USS Alabama Battleship museum.  Very cool tour.  Lots of great stuff to see.  Plus you get to actually go down inside the ship as well as a submarine.








Diner on the beach at Bongos




Thanks to Yelp we found some great out of the way places to eat.  Found lots of places that we would have never stopped at, but we were glad we found them.







View from the porch on our hotel room

Got to kick up our heels on the sand and chill.  We also got lots of walking in as well.  My feet were on fire and ready for the pool.




Cooling off feet in Hotel pool










Sondra helped with some driving


Nothing was really planned along the way.  We just took our time.  As much as we enjoyed the “Road Trip” aspect, I think next time we might have to fly.  That was a long time behind the wheel.









Clearwater Beach


We went up North to Clearwater to check out the beaches up there.  It was a lot nicer, but it was also very, very crowded.  As one reviewer on Yelp put it, it was an Umbrella Parking Lot.  St. Pete’s Beach was much more intimate and quiet.









Waiting on our dinner and enjoying the evening sun.

Diner on the beach was wonderful.











We got to see family as well.

St Pete153

Uncle Bob and Aunt Judy

St Pete226

Cousin Tom










Looking forward to the next one.