My wife was watching a reality show last night that had some match makers on it.  I had finished my recording so I sat down beside her to finish watching the episode with her.  While I was watching I heard one of the match makers say something very profound.  I might get his exact words wrong, but it went something like this, “99% of people allow strangers to control the quality of their lives.”  It was so profound I had to rewind it and play it again.  What did he just say?  I had never thought of it before, but he’s exactly right.  How many times have you wanted to do something, but were embarrassed that someone might think you looked silly doing it?

Fred+AstaireWe all care what people think, whether we admit it or not.  But I never thought of it as giving the strangers power to control your happiness or quality of life.  People you don’t know and may never see again are around so you don’t do something enjoyable like dance, sing, ask someone out, do a good deed, kiss your loved one, hold hands, run barefoot through the grass, make a snow angel, speak up for what is right, pray in public, witness for Jesus.

We are so worried about what these strangers might think, that we don’t do the things that would make us happy.  Think about that next time you feel the pressure of stranger’s eyes keeping you from doing something.  If you want to dance, dance.  If you want to pray in a restaurant, pray.  I know it will be tough to change, but I am going to endeavor to change my behavior.  I don’t want strangers dictating my life.