My parts guitar (left) had a rattling truss rod.  My attempts to fix it failed.  I just so happened to have a Fender American Big Apple neck laying around. Doesn’t everyone have one of those laying around the house?



While I had the old WD Music neck off, I decided it was a good time to install a “Seth Lover” humbucker that I had.  It too was just laying around. The pickup coming out is a Bill Lawrence “Wilde” Humbucker sized P-90.  The Bill Lawrence single coils remain.

The “Seth Lover” pickup has cloth coated wire.  That was a chore to remove. The springs were extra long and difficult to install with only two hands, but I finally prevailed. I Soldered the new pickup into place and replaced the pickguard. I screwed on the Fender neck and reused the old strings.  Tweaked the truss rod a half turn and tuned it up. The intonation was actually right on.  Plugged it into my amp and played.  Sounded nice and beefy. Just like a humbucker should.


Rock on!  \m/ \m/