My new iMac

For years I have dreamed of a nice computer based recording rig.  I’ve dabbled with computer based recording in the past, but was always met with limitations based on the speed and memory of the outdated computer I was using.  Finally I bit the bullet and got a system that was beefy enough to run a DAW without having to worry about computer glitches or other limitations.  I opted for the 27″ iMac.  You only live once.  So far I love it.  I wish I would have switched over to Mac years ago.  I also got the Elevenrack Guitar Amp Modeler and Interface. Not only is it great for recording guitar directly to Protools, it has an XLR input with phantom power so I can record vocals. It came bundled with Protools 10 which was a great deal.  


My biggest stumbling block was the lack of good drum tracks with samples or MIDI.  Programming drums is easy, but programming drum tracks that sound realistic is not as easy.  To solve this problem I have Toontrack EZ Drummer as well as Superior Drummer 2.0.  And while I was at it  also got EZ Keys for the piano parts.  All of them are great plugins that sound amazing.

Now that I have everything I need, there is nothing stopping me from getting some recording done.  I have about 20 songs written and need to get them all recorded into an album for posterity.   Now to figure out which one to record first.