It’s only Friday, but Sunday’s coming.

Good Friday is here.  As Christians the Easter season is what it’s all about.  Even more important than Christmas.  Yes at Christmas we celebrate His birth on Christmas, but it was His death and resurrection that made all the difference.  Good Friday represents the day our Lord and Savior died on that cross for our sins.  He did this so that we may live eternally with Him should we let Him into our hearts and be Lord over our lives.  Three days later He rose from the grave and we rejoice in that victory over death and the grave.

It’s been a hectic month preparing for all of the church activities surrounding this joyous celebration. Our Easter services are always full of dramas, music, dancing and other exciting programs.  In all of the hustle and bustle of practices and preparations we can easily get distracted.  We have to be mindful to not lose sight of the reason we celebrate.  No matter how good or bad the performances are, we need to stop and remember Him and His sacrifice.  He took on the sins of the world.  He died for you.  He died for me.  Thank you Jesus.