Old hobby brough back to life.

basketBack in the late 70s and early 80’s us neighborhood kids who lived on Ivadene Drive would go down to Hendrickson Park and play Frisbee Golf.  One of the local kids had marked 18 targets which consisted of trees, boulders, manhole covers, to make an 18 hole Disc Golf Course.  It’s similar to regular golf, but instead of hitting a golf ball with a club you throw a flying disc.  You keep score the same way by counting how many throws or strokes it takes before you hit your target or make it into the basket.  The professional courses have chain baskets that you have to get your disc into instead of the targets that we used.  I remember playing quite a bit back in the day and really enjoyed competing.  Of course back then we played with traditional Frisbee Discs and we didn’t use the baskets like they use today, but it was still fun.


I’ve always thought they should build a real Disc Golf course somewhere in Poplar Bluff complete with chain baskets and last Fall they did.  And wouldn’t you know it was built in Hendrickson Park.  For the last few months my family and I have been really enjoying playing.  I need something fun to keep me active and this fits the bill. photo3cr If you want to play sometime all you need is a disc.  The first hole is located across the ditch from the East end of the parking lot at Hendrickson Park.  It snakes through the wooded area.  Lots of trees to avoid.  That just makes it challenging.

See you out on the course.