Custom Parts Guitars

Building custom parts guitars can be fun, but don’t expect to save money.  Most of the time you will spend more on parts than you would if you just bought it assembled.  But if you want a one of a kind guitar and have a little bit of patience, I say go for it.


This is my first parts guitar.

The body is of unknown origin.

A friend gave me a bunch of guitar parts and a case.

The body and the case were about the only useable things in there.

I bought the neck from Stewart McDonald along with the bridge.

The pickups are Carvin stacked humbuckers.





My second attempt at a parts guitar.

This time I decided to build my own body out of Ash.

The wood was so hard it burnt up the motor in my band saw.

The neck is a Stewart McDonald

The pickup is an EMG 81

The bridge is a Kahler Spyder





This is a fairly recent parts project.

The body and hardware are from a 1998 Fender Big Apple that I got off eBay.

They only offered this color on Big Apples for a couple of years.

The pickups are Lindy Fralin.

The neck is a USA Custom Guitars.





This is an interesting parts project.

An acquaintance of mine had a parts guitar up on eBay.

The USA Custom Guitars Body was Sherwood Green, I did my own custom paint.

USA Custom Guitars Mahogany neck with Rosewood fingerboard.

The pickups came from a Mexican Fender. It had Fralins when I bought it.




Bought the Allparts body and hardware from a friend.

Bought the neck and tuners from Allparts.

Added some Wilde USA (Bill Lawrence) pickups.

That is a P-90 in the bridge position.

It is a hardtail bridge, no tremelo.