Breckenridge, CO

In February 2011 we took a long overdue vacation to Breckenridge, Co.  We were joined by the Fousts and the Banthralls.


We had a blast!

This was taken right before we got on the snowmobiles.








Snow Mobiling was fun for the first 2 hours and 55 minutes.  The last 5 minutes Sondra tried to kill us when we almost clipped a tree.





Our condo was right at the foot of the slopes.  Very nice location.  The view was great.





Relaxing after a fun day on the slopes.  I don’t remember who won at dominoes, but I am sure it wasn’t me.




Taking the Gondola ride to the base of a neighboring slope.








I got off on the wrong stop and had to catch the next one.







I had more fun skiing than I thought I would. I’d love to go back sometime.






Checking out all the shops was a fun part of the trip.  We probably walked 10 miles up and down the street shopping and going out to eat.  The food we had was wonderful as well. The nicest place was the Briar Rose.  Excellent steak house.  The Mac & Cheese was awesome.






Looking forward to doing that again, however it will have to wait.  5 degrees is cold.  A warm climate vacation is next on the agenda.