Bag Tag Disc Golf League

If you are interested in joining our Bag Tag league you won’t want to miss the kickoff tournament.  Come on out Saturday, July 26th at 9:00 and join us.  The cost to join is $10.  Bag Tags will be handed out based on results.

Bag Tag is basically a challenge ladder. The goal is to get and keep the lowest number tag you can. Tags are typically won and lost over a round of golf.

Anyone with a higher tag number can challenge anyone with a lower tag number. Challenges can be made before any round of golf has started. If two or more people with tags are going to be playing a round of golf together anyway, the challenge can not be refused. The challenge can take place on any course and can involve any number of tag holders assuming everyone is playing the course at the same time. At the end of the round the tags are re-assigned to the golfers with the lowest score receiving the lowest number tag. In the event of a tie, the golfer with the lowest starting tag takes possession of the lowest tag available to the tied golfers.

The lowest tags at the end of the season will have a playoff.